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Bring the Hungry Chuck’s experience home with you with these recipes

Aline Peres Martins | Staff Writer

Three Hungry Chuck's staple — a pitcher of beer, a vodka cranberry and liquid cocaine — can easily be made at home.

Although the #savechucks movement is going strong, there are some things you can do to bring the Hungry Chuck’s experience home just in case. Spray-painting the walls of your room will be tricky, but learning to pour a pitcher, make a vodka cranberry and create liquid cocaine shots are much more reasonable.

The average pitcher is 60 oz. To order one to your house, it is as easy as opening Amazon and typing “beer pitcher” into the search bar. Then, to fill the pitcher, you will need at least six bottles of beer. Technically, the pitcher only can hold a little more than five bottles — the extra is to keep yourself entertained as you pour one out. Hold the pitcher at 45 degrees and pour the beer onto the inside surface to reduce foam. For the last few ounces of beer, make sure the pitcher is held upright to create a head on the top of the beer.

As for beer choice, if you want to be as authentic as possible, the cheapest is the best choice.

Chuck’s vodka cranberry is technically called the Cape Codder. The earliest known reference to the drink was in a 1972 book titled “Bartender’s Guide, Revised” by Trader Vic, according to Esquire. Realistically, the drink should be called the Fresh-out-of-College to better reflect the type of person usually seen ordering it. And while, like most drink origins, the story of its invention is hazy, experts agree that it was named the Cape Codder for a simple reason — cranberries grow on “The Cape” — Cape Cod, MA.

Within 15 minutes of standing at the Chuck’s, you can hear dozens of college kids yell out over the crowd, “Vodka. Cranberry.” So to make an authentic Chuck’s experience at home, collect a hundred of your friends and make at least 40 of these drinks to dish out as people yell over the roar.

The recipe includes one part Smirnoff vodka — don’t get Belvedere or Grey Goose, that is overdoing it — four parts cranberry juice, one dash lime juice and one lime slice for garnish. Put all the liquids in a shaker with ice. Shake vigorously, pour into plastic cup — do not do glass if you want the Chuck’s experience — and throw in a piece of lime if you’re feeling fancy.

Liquid cocaine is a bit tricky, and there are multiple variations on the same shot. Its name comes from the fact that the taste is supposedly addicting. Urban Dictionary says the original shot is just made with Jägermeister and Goldschläger, and at Chuck’s it seems that is also the case.

To make one, mix one part Goldschläger and one part Jägermeister. Serve to your friends and be ready to stay up for the rest of the night.


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